Hi, I’m Sophie England and this is my website where I publish all my stories and reports.

I am an 19 year old girl, aspiring to be a Journalist. My specialist subject is Sport and Food. Sport is something that I have also, participated and watched for most of my life. Unfortunately, I was born with a heart condition known as Tricuspid Atresia and therefore, this can limited the level of intensity I could compete at. But, as someone who has a real passion for sport, and football in particular I came to grow a love for Journalism as I could express and pass on my knowledge to others.

As well as Sport, I also have a real passion for food. Not only do I love to eat and cook food, I enjoy writing about it too especially creating new recipes. I got an A in my A-level Food Technology so have a good amount of knowledge in the nutrition and production side of food too.

When I was younger I always had a dream to be a writer on BBC Sport as well as a life goal of being a reporter on Sky Sports News. Sky Sports News is something I have watched all of my life gaining my knowledge in Sport Journalism as well as supporting my local football team Southend United and my favourite football team Tottenham Hotspur.

These are two teams I have grown up supporting. In October 2016, I took a step into following my dreams when I completed work experience at Southend United where I worked with the local Southend Echo reporter. I watched the game live at Roots Hall, (Southend United vs. Shrewsbury Town) recorded notes, spoke to the players and managers before putting all together in a match report. I absolutely loved it and it inspired me further into getting into the Journalism industry and gave me a wonderful insight as well as providing me with fantastic knowledge.

I’m am now in my second year at the University of Essex studying Multimedia Journalism.