How to celebrate your birthday in lockdown

With UK still in lockdown, more birthday’s are having to be spent at home. This has virtually stopped all birthday plans that most April and May babies had but being inside doesn’t mean you still can’t have a good celebration! Plus, technically you can have two birthday’s this year… as once lockdown is over, you’re allowed to celebrate your birthday all over again outside of the house.

But for now, here’s are the 8 things you can do to have fun and celebrate whilst stuck in lockdown.

  1. Treat yourself to your favourite takeaway.

Everyone has a favourite takeaway and despite lockdown most takeaways are still open for delivery. So why not treat yourself. If you’re on a diet, forget it! It’s your birthday, order everything you love and have a feast to celebrate in style. It’s a treat after all.

  1. Video call all your friends and family together.

There are so many ways to stay in contact with your family and friends. You can have your birthday gathering online. You can use Zoom, House Party, or Facebook Messenger; there are so many ways to still interact and celebrate with your family and friends. Organise one big birthday get together and don’t forget the drinks.

On the other hand, if you have someone in your household with a birthday in lockdown approaching, you could create short video beforehand. Contact all their friends and family and get them to record a short video individually wishing them Happy Birthday. You can then clip them all together and show them as a surprise on the morning of their birthday. It is also something they can keep forever to remember their birthday lockdown as it is a rare thing to happen.

  1. Treat it like normal, so get the decorations up, open presents and have cake.

Even though you are in lockdown, still keep the traditions! Put all the birthday decorations up, the banners and balloons, it makes it feel like a celebration. You can even use the balloons to play balloon tennis and for the few that don’t know what that is, you have to hit and pass the balloon round the family without it touching the floor!

Make sure the birthday boy or girl has some presents to open and get family and friends to post their gifts too. Finally, and most importantly, when you do your essential shop at the supermarket don’t forget to buy a cake. Everyone still needs cake on their birthday whether it is lockdown or not! Or if you are feeling extra creative, bake your own birthday cake together as a family. Make sure you have candles too, the exact number for the age of the birthday boy or girl.

  1. Online quiz with family and friends.

This is a great idea that you can do even if it isn’t your birthday. Using any video app, call your friends and family and have a quiz. Get one member to be the host and to create the quiz beforehand, then each households can compete. It’s such a simple, but fun idea. You can have different categories or themes, from sport to music, and you could even have questions related to famous birthdays!

  1. Pub crawl in your own house.

Now this is one for the people that love a drink. Those who love pub crawls. With this pandemic, it could be quite some time before pubs reopen but why not for your birthday have your own pub crawl in your home. Each room can be a new pub! You could even decorate with different themes and games in each room. Including beer pong! It’s a great way to get the party start in your own home for your birthday and it’s so easy, just be creative.

  1. Night at the cinema in the comfort of your own home.

Who doesn’t like a trip to the cinema? Why not bring the cinema to your own home and have a birthday movie night with the household? The birthday boy or girl gets to choose to movies of course.

But, you have got to make sure you’ve got all the cinema snacks. Get some popcorn, some pick and mix and obviously drinks too. Then all jump on to the sofa, turn off all the lights and settle down to a movie. It’s a great way to spend the evening of your birthday!

  1. Get out all your old classic board games.

Everyone loves board games. It’s a brilliant way to have fun and play some games on your birthday. You can get the whole family involved, even playing games online with friends in other households.

There are so many games from the traditional monopoly, to getting down and playing twister as well as something more intellectual like scrabble. But, one thing is to remember is, it’s not the winning that counts. No family arguments are needed on birthdays!

  1. Get the music on and dance the night away.

Finally, the simplest way is get the music on and get out your dance moves! Have your own party in your house. Even if there isn’t many of you. Get all the old classics on. There are so many songs available on Spotify. You could even buy some cheap disco lights and a karaoke set! It brings the family together and everyone can have drinks and a laugh while all singing together. The best way to celebrate a birthday; boogie the night away!

Even thought spending your birthday in lockdown isn’t what anyone had originally planned, you can still have fun, and in many years to come you can look back and remember your quarantined birthday. All these ideas will help you have a fantastic day.

Additionally, don’t forget that when the world hopefully starts to get back to some normality, you have an excuse for a second birthday celebration and can party all over again but with the whole family this time. It’ll just be a bit later in the year!

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