The world’s ridiculous opinion – ‘Is it time to ban father’s day?’

The world is full of ridiculous opinions and embarrassing ideas but surely none more so that this… “is it time to ban father’s day?”

Last father’s day, Good Morning Britain tweeted “Is it time to ban father’s day? With a rise in single parent, blended and same sex families, is it time to get more inclusive and appreciate parents all year round?”

Firstly, why is this never mentioned on mother’s day?

Same sex families and especially single parents should not affect others celebrating father’s day and also mother’s day.

I can say first hand, after losing my mum at a very young age, I’ve grown up with just my dad in a single parent family and I don’t have and never have had an issue with people celebrating mother’s day. If anything, single parents should be therefore celebrated on both days as they technically play ‘the role of mum and dad’.

It’s weird that people try to stop others celebrating or praising their family because of their life experiences? For example, I once shared a post on Facebook, tagging my dad, which said, ‘behind every good daughter is a great dad’. I then received a comment saying ‘this is not true, dad’s are dickheads’. I mean come on… how it that fair. Just because your dad isn’t great doesn’t mean every dad is bad.

In addition to this, who says we don’t appreciate our parents all year round if we celebrate father’s day? It’s just an extra special day in my eyes. It doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate them anyway. This comes with the debate that single mums get more recognition in comparison to single dads and how mother’s day is supposedly ‘more important’ than father’s day.

The former I agree with, I think that single mums get more recognition than single dads, but I think that’s because it’s more common for there to be a single mum. According to Gingerbread, the leading charity for single parents, ‘Around 90 per cent of single parents are women; the proportion who are men has remained at around 10 per cent for over a decade’. But I feel a lot of people don’t realise that there are great single fathers too, just like my dad, and he deserves to be treated even more on father’s day, as believe it or not ‘single fathers are more than twice as likely to be widowed than single mothers’. That makes it even tougher being a single parent going through that at the same time.

The latter about mother’s day being more important I don’t think is true, however. It still strange that none of these banning comments are mentioned on mother’s day. It’s like everyone paints a bad picture of fathers off their own experiences. Surely, that Good Morning Britain quote relates to mother’s day too, with the fact of same sex families and single parents, but it never seems to be brought up. Dad’s need and deserve the same treatment as mums. The world in my opinion seems to be revolved around what mothers do. Don’t get me wrong mum’s do a great job too, I know many who do, but, I’m sure they’d too be outraged if it were banned, or even at the talk of whether it should be banned.

It seems that people enjoy being controversial or maybe it jealously. But, I suppose, and you’ve all properly realised by now by just watching Morning TV that everyone moans about everything rather than getting on with their own lives. Nevertheless, don’t worry, it’s only going to get worse…

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