HERO: Oxford University student saves friend from drowning after river accident

A first year Oxford University student saves fellow student, who is now recovered after days in intensive care, from drowning after jumping into a river in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Following a typical student night out in Oxford, four clubbers were making their way home at 2 a.m, when suddenly, one threw themselves off a bridge into a fast flowing river. The unnamed student did not resurface once in the river, and began to be swept away by the current towards the weir. Luckily, his friends with him at the incident knew he was in trouble and needed help quick. One friend ran down stream jumping in when the river reached a lower bridge, braving the elements to keep his friends’ head above the water whilst fighting the current for approximately 10 minutes before the emergency services arrived.

Matthew, the hero student who jumped in to save his friend, expressed his shock at the whole incident.

“It was all a bit of a shock. We were walking across the bridge and suddenly one decided to jump off a bridge and fell into the water. I went to jump in after him at the bridge he jumped off, but the current had taken him under the bridge so I ran to the next bridge to jump in there.”

“I grabbed him to stop him going any further down the river, as there was a weir, and the current was getting much stronger. He was a lot bigger than I was, and after about five minutes in the water, I was extremely cold, so I couldn’t really move away from where I was.”

The Oxford student, also expressed how thankfully another student jumped in to give him a hand as he began to also struggle due to being so cold.

“Eventually and thankfully, another guy jumped in with a life ring, and we took him to the other side of the river and pulled him over the side. At that point the ambulance came.”

Following the incident, the saved student, was taken straight into intensive care, where he stayed for 3 days, before being released from hospital, in the following days. He suffered temporary secondary drowning, and also a brief spout of hypothermia.

Matthew was taken to hospital, suffering from hypothermia, and was in the river for a substantial amount of time on one of the coldest nights this year so far. He was in A&E for several hours being warmed up but thankfully, he was ok and released a few hours later.

If it wasn’t for his quick thinking friends, who had noticed he was struggling in the water, the situation could have ended a lot worse.

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