Bradley Lowery Foundation and Sunderland AFC unite to help families ‘make memories they will treasure forever’

Bradley Lowery Foundation and Sunderland AFC unite to help families ‘make memories they will treasure forever’

A campaign, ‘For Bradley’, has been raised in order to build a holiday home for families with sick children to visit and make memories to last a life time.

Bradley Lowery, was a young Sunderland fan, who touched the hearts of millions, after his brave fight against a rare form of cancer. He sadly lost his battle on July 7th and all money that was raised towards his treatment was put into the Bradley Lowery Foundation to support other sick children.

In honour of the 6-year-old, Sunderland united with Bradley’s foundation and launched a campaign to provide other sick children with a place to go and make memories.

Campaign manager and family friend Lynn Murphy, said how this will be a place that aims to give children and families a place to relax away from hospital.

“When parents spend weeks/months in hospital, it’s brilliant for them to make memories they will treasure forever.”

She also expressed how the idea came about due to other holiday homes that helped Bradley and his family in making memories and moments they will never forget at the time he was so poorly.

“The idea for the holiday home came Gemma, Bradley’s mam, she had so many great days away in a charity holiday and we wanted to be able to offer the same to all families.”

Sunderland AFC have played a vital role from the start with the Bradley Lowery family, not only helping Bradley’s dreams come true, but also supporting his family and his foundation in very tough times, something the whole family is grateful for.

“Sunderland have been amazing, they have supported us throughout Bradley’s campaign and still support us now going forward.”

Not only have Sunderland been uniting with the family and the Bradley Lowery Foundation with the support it needs in order to build a holiday home, they have also received the backing of the nation through social media platforms.

This was recently highlighted through the success of the campaign, ‘Thumbs up for Bradley’ on social media to raise money, whereby thousands of fans and players took photographs using Bradley’s memorable celebration, ‘thumbs up’. This was supported by football clubs around the world and something that Lunn was thankful for in so many people wanting to keep Bradley’s legacy growing.

“The support we are receiving is fantastic and people are still very keen to support us moving forward with the foundation in his name.”

Bradley Lowery

Money for the holiday home can be raised by either donations or by purchasing a special Sunderland home shirt, named ‘Bradley’s shirt’. You can also show your support by repeating Bradley’s famous ‘Thumbs up’ gesture.

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